Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Our turnkey solar service offers peace of mind, ensuring that the system on your roof is always maintained, monitored, insured, and performing at its optimum level, delivering the highest customer savings.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Within the realm of renewable energy, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) represent a cornerstone for businesses and organizations looking to adopt solar power solutions, particularly in partnership with SolarEPC.

Through a PPA, SolarEPC facilitates the financing of your solution, managing the installation, and the after service maintenance of solar PV solution. In return, the customer commits to the purchasing of the generated electricity by the system, with a lower rate compared to a higher utility rate.

The allure of PPAs lies in their ability to provide immediate access to solar energy without the need for significant upfront capital cost expenditure. This arrangement allows businesses to reap the benefits of solar power's cost savings and environmental advantages without assuming ownership or maintenance responsibilities for the solar infrastructure.

Furthermore, by opting for a PPA with SolarEPC, businesses can benefit from fixed electricity rates throughout the contract duration. This shields them from the fluctuations of traditional utility rates and offers long-term cost predictability, thereby ensuring financial planning and
budgeting efficiently.

In addition to financial benefits, choosing a PPA underscores a business's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This not only enhances brand reputation but also attracts environmentally conscious consumers and stakeholders, further bolstering the business's position in the market.

In summary, the solar benefits of a Power Purchase Agreement with SolarEPC are manifold, offering businesses a pathway to cost savings, environmental responsibility, and long-term energy security without the financial burdens associated with solar infrastructure ownership.

Benefits of a PPA

No Capex Investment

Zero capital investment for a fully
installed Tier 1 system.

Maintenance & Operations Included

All maintenance is provided throughout the
lifetime of the agreement.

Insurance Included

Any faulty or broken equipment is covered
& repaired at no cost.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Save up to 30% on monthly electricity costs.

Performance Monitoring

All systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure
optimum customer savings.

Financial Capacity

Become more environmentally conscious.

Operating Provinces

Our PPA’s are available nation wide:
The Corporate PPA market is established globally, with around 19.5GW signed in 2019 according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Manage price risk
in today's volatile
energy market
Underpin the
development of low
carbon generation
Secure a long-term,
reliable source
of renewable energy
supported by
Guarantees of (GO's)
Reduce electricity costs
and generate long-term
savings without the
upfront investment

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