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Why a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

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Our turnkey solar service provides peace of mind that the system on your roof is always maintained, monitored, insured, and performing at it’s optimum to provide the highest customer savings.

Benefits of a PPA

No Capex Investment

Zero capital investment for a fully installed Tier 1 system.

Maintenance & Operations Included

All maintenance is provided throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

Insurance Included

Any faulty or broken equipment is covered & repaired at no cost.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Save up to 30% on monthly electricity costs.

Performance Monitoring

All systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure optimum customer savings.

Renewable Energy

Become more environmentally conscious.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

We offer businesses the opportunity to procure solar power through a range of different PPA models. We will build a tailored PPA solution to address your unique business requirements, and in return we would look to secure a fixed-term PPA for the solar power generated.

Choosing to procure renewable generation will provide a cost effective and more sustainable option to your power procurement strategy. Our experience and global scale allows us to offer highly competitively priced PPAs.

Our funding solutions:

1. PPA

2. Roof Rentals 

3. Lease To Own

4. Co-Ownership


Our PPA’s are available nation wide

The Corporate PPA market is established globally, with around 19.5GW signed in 2019 according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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