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Solar EPC’s scalable Lithium-Ion Containerized energy storage system ideal for off-grid and renewable energy storage provides invaluable flexibility.

The Containerized energy storage systems covering most of the commercial applications such as demand charge management, PV self-consumption and back-up power, fuel-saving solutions, micro-grid and off-grid options even businesses and facilities without solar PV systems can benefit from the ability of batteries to reduce peak power demand and shift grid consumption to off-peak

Our Solutions

Ready-to-install, we offer a reliable, efficient, long-life operation in highly dynamic applications. With a wide range of storage systems ranging from 2.5kWh to 50MWh to satisfy most requirements.

We offer fully customised, insulated and air-conditioned power containers for all industry applications. The containers are fully integrated plug-and-play off-grid systems with many advantages. SolarEPC container solutions offer the quick installation of a modular, off-grid, solar power system. These mobile systems are ideally suited for remote locations, rural electrification and temporary installations.

Considering the ever-increasing contribution of renewables in our electricity mix, it is of critical importance to improve the electrical behaviour of renewable power plants, SolarEPC provides high energy- efficiency Li-ion batteries our containerized solution is ideal when it comes to addressing environmental constraints of field deployment, furthermore our knowledge in designing, manufacturing and controlling large energy storage systems is key

Features & Benefits

Easy site integration with a compact and adaptable format Quick and cost-effective installation even in remote and hard to access locations Remote real-time supervision minimizes downtime and optimizes system operations

Low total-cost-of-ownership in complex applications Flexibility to provide both power and energy functions Highly compatible interfacing with site control systems and multiple PCS brands Quick Deployment – The container being pre-equipped allows quick installation within the area

Mobility – It is possible to move the container after a period of use to implement it at a new site

Optimum Reliability – The equipment is fully configured and tested before it leaves our warehouse

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