Commercial & Industrial Solar Power & Energy Storage Solutions:

We have successfully designed, specified installed and currently maintain systems from sm​all business to multi megawatt scale projects. Our experience and number of successfully implemented projects is what differentiates us from our competitors.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Solution

Discover the Trusted Leader in
Solar Solutions:
SolarEPC stands out with a proven track record in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Solar Spaces. In an industry filled with newcomers, our extensive experience and pedigree guarantee reliability and success.

We specialize in tailored solutions for every aspect of solar projects, from Rooftop to Ground-mounted installations, Carports to Civil engineering, LV to MV systems, BESS, and seamless Generator integration. With our expertise, handling complex engineering projects becomes seamless.

With in house, Engineering, Legal and Finance departments we can also provide you with tailor-made funded or financed solutions to meet your specific financial needs.

Trust SolarEPC one of the industry pioneers and giants as your go-to EPC partner for your renewable energy project.

Why Choose Us?

From 50 kWp to multi-MW solutions, our team of seasoned and proficient engineers oversees every step of the design process, starting from data collection and specification to final design. Our qualified engineers, along with their teams of industry-leading installation technicians, are dedicated to installing your system with utmost efficiency and professionalism. To ensure optimal performance, we conduct twice-daily monitoring of each site through a comprehensive reporting platform, enabling proactive maintenance and timely fault diagnosis if needed.

What is a BESS system:

A BESS system combines traditional solar panels with battery storage to power a home or business, with the utility grid serving as a backup power source. This setup allows the system to store excess solar energy in batteries for use during periods of low sunlight or power outages, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. BESS systems typically include the following components.

The solar modules collect sunlight and convert it into DC power. The inverter, equipped with a built-in charge controller and regulator, performs several functions:

Receives DC power from the solar modules.Receives AC power from Eskom. Charges batteries using either solar power or Eskom power, based on programming. Discharges batteries and converts the stored energy into AC power for supply to the building.

The BESS system is connected to specific circuits as wired in the DB, e.g. Lights, dedicated plug points, etc.
All power supply (load) to these connected circuits flows through the ​BESS inverter, irrespective if the power
is supplied by Solar, Batteries or Eskom.

The ​BESS inverter needs to be sized correctly to accommodate the required load. ​BESS systems are suitable for small to medium domestic, and very small commercial applications.

BESS inverters are available in different sizes. Multiple ​BESS Inverters can be interconnected to increase the load capacity of the system.

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