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Discover the Trusted Leader in Solar Solutions:

SolarEPC stands out with a proven track record in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Solar Spaces. In an industry filled with newcomers, our extensive experience and pedigree guarantee reliability and success.

We specialize in tailored solutions for every aspect of solar projects, from Rooftop to Ground-mounted installations, Carports to Civil engineering, LV to MV systems, BESS, and seamless Generator integration. With our expertise, handling complex engineering projects becomes seamless.

With in house, Engineering, Legal and Finance departments we can also provide you with tailor-made funded or financed solutions to meet your specific financial needs.

Trust SolarEPC, one of the industry pioneers and giants as your go-to EPC partner for your renewable energy project.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

We offer businesses the opportunity to procure solar power through a range of different PPA models. We will build a tailored PPA solution to address your unique business requirements, and in return we would look to secure a fixed-term PPA for the solar power generated.Choosing to procure renewable generation will provide a cost effective and more sustainable option to your power procurement strategy. Our experience and global scale allows us to offer highly competitively priced PPAs.

Solar EPC stands at the forefront of the energy and renewable energy industry, poised as a premier leader in the field.

Engineering Business
Providing complete turnkey solar and battery energy storage solutions (BESS) for rooftop,  commercial,  ground mount and carport solutions up to Mega Watt scale PV projects. We offer both full EPC scope including hardware supply as well as EPC for the balance of system (BOS) according to your needs as our client.

Operation and Maintenance
We are experts in the operation and maintenance of solar power renewable energy assets. We offer a full range of plant monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance including, service backup and reporting by entering into the appropriate contractual O&M agreements depending on customer requirements.

SolarEPC excels as a comprehensive EPC solutions provider, offering a suite of services tailored to meet your solar energy project needs with utmost business acumen.

Our expertise begins with rigorous technical site assessments and energy yield studies, ensuring optimized performance and maximizing returns on your investment. We navigate the complexities of securing council approvals and electricity grid interconnections, while conducting detailed structural analysis to guarantee the structural integrity of your project.

Our commitment to your success extends to project development agreements, where we meticulously scrutinize surge protection and conduct financial feasibility analysis. Leveraging proposals from our extensive network of financial partners, we ensure the best power purchase agreements to optimize your financial outcomes.

Partner with SolarEPC for unparalleled business-focused expertise and unwavering commitment to the success of your solar projects.

Solar PPA
A Solar PPA is a long-term contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system installed at your premises.

Features and Benefits include:

Monthly payments per unit electricity delivered.
Solar PPA electricity reduces your grid electricity purchases.
Solar PPA electricity is charged at agreed prices for the duration of the contract.
Flexible lease terms between 10-20 years with extension and early buyout of the contract.
We maintain and manage the system throughout the Solar PPA term.
Provides future certainty over electricity expenditure.

No Capital Investment Required
There is no Capital Investment required for audit or the installation of the solar system, you pay nothing to start saving immediately.

Insurance and maintenance included at ZERO cost to your system will be maintained for the
life of the agreement, any fault or broken equipment will be repaired at no cost to you.

PPA Benefits:

No capital invested
No technical or operational risks
You will only pay for the electricity you consume, NOT what is produced.
You are part of reducing carbon emissions globally and creating a better planet and future generations.
A fixed and dependable energy cost for the duration of the contract
Long term electricity cost savings
Hedges electricity price increase risk

Phases of the solar PPA project

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